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HometownStony Mountain, MB
Racing Since1985


A Modifieds

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Rick Delaine

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Born and raised at a race track, ether at Brooklyn's Speedway as a one or two year old to a young kid at Winnipeg Speedway.
My dad drove at both tracks along with my two uncles Rod and Denis. My dad retired from driving in 1978 and Denis was around that same time but Rod drove until about 2016.
We never missed a race and in 1985 when I was about 14 years old I decided it was time to drive.
The first 3 years I didn't even have a trailer lol we towed with a rope !
didn't have much success in the early years but knew this is what I wanted to do.
The early 90's we started figuring it out a little bit. We started winning some races and getting our style dialed in. I started trying to win at all costs, which also means I crashed a lot. I was the youngest driver for a long time at the track and I might of pissed off some of the older guys for a few years.
We won our fair share of races in the early 90's and eventually started to crash less and gained a little respect from my peers.
In 95 we went modified racing with almost no money. The track had a tv show and racing was alive and well. We managed to win rookie of the year and won a couple races that year.
Since then we have been in a modified and have been trying to improve and learn ever since. My family has been very involved in the lifestyle of racing and has made a positive impact for sure. My dad started the driver point fund in 1999 and also ran the banquet until his death in 2009. The point fund is still run by my wife and myself to this day. From the time my dad started it we have raised and giving back to the drivers almost $400,000.00 .
I still love going to the track and hanging out with all the people, I still love winning races and happy that I have a supporting family that wants to do it with me.
We have been fortunate enough to win a few championships and over 100 features and a lot of life long friends through this crazy lifestyle. Not sure how many more years I will be doing this but I have enjoyed the ride, good or bad!

Career Highlights

7 track championships ( Winnipeg and Greenbush ) central region Wissota national Champion , 2015 Al Delaine Memorial champion , 3time Baker cup Champion ( Greenbush Race Park)

Crew Members

Ashlyn ,Krista, Denis Delaine, Fred Austin. Chris Marquart, Kevin Delaine


Westbrooke MFG,, Jonson Hog BBQ, Interlake Mobile Welding, Headingley Sport Shop, Local 739 union, CRC Motorsports, Brazier Race engines, Larry Shaw Race cars, Mountain Motor Inn, Imrie Demolition
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Wissota 2018
Barwick Service
Bestway Rental
The Standard
Visser Auto

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4-Cylindersas of 8/28/2022
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Q104 WISSOTA Midwest Modifiedsas of 8/28/2022
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WISSOTA Pure Stockas of 8/28/2022
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